The short-term residential rental is developing at an incredible pace now. More people prefer to rent an apartment or villa instead of a hotel room.
In the year-round Tenerife resort, it would be most beneficial to short-term rent out your property all year round.
There has been a sharp rise in property prices over the past decade on the island of Tenerife. Here are some figures: one-bedroom apartments could be bought for 70,000 Euros in Playa De Las Americas in 2010, while now such apartments cost 180,000 Euros.

Below is the approximate profitability for investments in real estate in Tenerife.

Property value:120000 - 170000€170000 - 220000€220000 - 260000€

Monthly income:500 - 900€800 - 1400€1300 - 1700€

Mortgage in Tenerife can be got at a 2-3% interest rate with a down payment of 30-40%.

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