Currently, short-term rental is developing at an incredible rate. More and more people prefer to rent an apartment or a villa instead of a room in a hotel.
Where, no matter how in the year-round resort of Tenerife, it will be most profitable to rent out your property in short-term rent all year round.
Over the p+st 10 years, the island of Tenerife has seen a huge increase in property prices. We will give you some figures. For example in 2010 in the city
of Playa De Las Americas it was possible to buy a one-bedroom apartment for 70,000 euros, now such an apartment costs 180,000 euros.

Below, we will draw you an approximate return on investment in short-term rental in Tenerife

Apartment price:120000 - 170000€170000 - 220000€220000 - 260000€

Monthly income:500 - 900€800 - 1400€1300 - 1700€

Mortgage in Tenerife is carried out at a rate of 2 to 3%. The initial payment is 30-40%.

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